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Traditional software in use today can require significant investments in hardware and personnel resources.

This may not be a problem for large corporations but may represent a resourcing and cost issue for small to medium companies. Here is how a typical business has to allocate resources:

  1. Find the right people to manage installation and maintenance of desktops and servers.
  2. Purchase licenses per user and per application. (Typically extra license are purchased for safety).
  3. Configure applications for specific company requirements(customizing).
  4. Train users extensively since off the shelf applications are impossible to configure for individual people/job functions in individual companies.
  5. Hire staff/resources to ensure daily fuctioning of hardware and software investments.
  6. Hire staff/resources as Helpdesk resources to support users within the company.
  7. Ongoing investments in software as they become obsolete or are not supported any longer.
  8. Ongoing upgrades to hardware (faster,more powerful,more complex) as the requirements of the software/operating systems increases.
Now you have an option to manage all the above in a more personalized and cost effective manner.

With Diffinitive's DTI-BizSuite 2.0 you can really save money and resources as long as you have a computer network with a high speed Internet connection. Here are some benefits:

  • Low hardware requirements - many of our customers are using Pentium II or slower computers.
  • Lower user training - based on login we can customize the suite to meet the users' specific work functions.
  • Low maintenance - Diffinitive provides you with Helpdesk resources over the phone - we maintain the servers and software.
  • User based monthly fees with ability to add new users immediately.

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