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About Diffinitive Technologies

Diffinitive is an Internet consulting company. We specialize in database generated web sites and turnkey Internet promotional and marketing services.

Our client base consists mainly of second or third generation websites. Most of our clients have either developed their first website internally or through other web design companies. They have come to us after finding that they have been unable to take advantage of the marketing and revenue-generation potential of their sites.

We provide our clients the following benefits:
  • Client admin areas for direct access to make immediate changes to site content.
  • Adding/Deleting Pages with automatic link management.
  • Complete Database backend to site content and other functions like subscriptions, feedback, questions,etc.
  • Database supported boolean search capabilities with keyword or special grouping functionality.
  • Dynamic content management which allows new content automatically displayed based on no. of visits, visitors profile, time of day or even month/day/week of visit.
  • META Tag optimization for better search engine promotion.
  • Translation capabilities in German, French, Korean, Chinese and more ...
  • Client specific proposals including fee structures, design processes, approval processes and precise timelines in response to RFPs.
  • Dedicated Project Manager responsible for timeline management, client support and other related funtions.
  • Traffic reporting and data mining capabilities

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